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Shake off stress naturally
with TRE®

Tension & Trauma Release Exercises

Do you feel tense, easily triggered or permanently angry? 

The pressures of modern life means we are all living with increasingly more stress. But we can help the body release this - by activating your body's natural de-stressing mechanism.

Intro Vids

Intro Vids
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TRE FILM  - Lisa Glasgow

TRE FILM - Lisa Glasgow

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Who is TRE good for?

Who is TRE good for?

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What is TRE?

What is TRE?

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TRE®  activates our neurogenic tremors -
natural shaking mechanism that literally shakes off our somatic stress memories. 

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How do neurogenic tremors work? 

In the early 1990s, Dr David Berceli, PhD noted that animals don't carry trauma or stress around with them like humans do. Instead they literally shake it off!


You may have seen a horse send a tremor through its body after a fall, or your dog or cat after a fearful escape. These are neurogenic tremors - the body's natural recovery reflex. They allow the body to reset, once a danger has past, and enable the organism to return to homeostasis. 

All mammals have the ability to do this, including humans, but modern life means that our bodies are frequently confused about when the danger has passed. 

Dr. David Berceli created TRE® as a way for us to access our own neurogenic tremors, and shake off daily and past stresses.

Stress is the health epidemic

of the 21st century

According to the World Health Organisation

Who should do TRE®?

TRE® can help anyone suffering from insomnia, stress, anxiety, trauma, and even PTSD.

Perhaps you know of a particularly traumatic incident that has or is affecting your life, or maybe you work in a high-pressured job in an always-on city like Hong Kong. Or perhaps you are a parent juggling the pressures of parent-hood. 

Wherever your stress comes from, the effect of it on your body is very real and very serious. 

But it can be released. 

TRE® is a tool which, once learned, is yours to use whenever you need it. We recommend weekly shakes to release the daily build ups of stress and regain a feeling of healthy calm. 

Physically we can leave the office but mentally we might still be there.

Then we carry all that  stress around with us! 

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What people say about
® with Lisa

Lisa has assisted people with broad-ranging traumas including; losing a job, work pressure, divorce, sudden loss of a loved one, recent assault, those with histories of sexual or physical abuse, anxiety, addiction and those suffering from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). 

Please contact Lisa if you have any questions about the process. 

The wonder of TRE®

Duncan G, Lecturer at Shatin IVE (Inst. of Vocational Ed),

Hong Kong

"I was learning about trauma and healing modalities as a way to help a friend, help myself and experience a deeper life. However, navigating this is often confronting, paradoxical, and I was often caught up in over-thinking and trying to cram in too much. Herein lies the wonder of TRE, this technique is automatic, just switch off and let nature work its magic. 


It's easy to learn, and for me I always find it an enjoyable and fun experience. The feeling afterwards is definitely that something has been released and I’m better for it. Lisa is a perfect teacher, empathetic, intelligent, and relatable. I highly recommend this as a tool for life.”

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Meet Your TRE® Provider

Lisa is a marketing professional who has spent over 25 years in the thrilling and highly stressful world of Advertising.


Her desire to enjoy her work without feeling overwhelmed by the stress, led her to investigate different de-stressing techniques, and this ultimately brought her to TRE® 


Lisa qualified as a TRE® Provider in Feb 2017 and now provides this technique to help corporate colleagues combat stress and live healthiliy.

Why being GOOD is Bad for us.

Lisa is also a published author on the subject of Why Being GOOD is Bad for Us.
This book helps people break out of the erroneous programmes of people pleasing, perfectionism, and putting others first by understanding the stress that these place on our bodies. 

By looking into psychology, neuroscience, gastroenterology and even guide-dog strategies, this book explains why anger is healthy, fear and rejection can be confident and vulnerability is our human superpower. 

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