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Sometimes down means you're on the up!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

We've all heard the term "onwards and upwards". Well sometimes upwards looks very much like downwards, and yet it is all part of the way to the top.

Where are you going? Where are you headed? Usually we have a #goal in mind... a #destination. Are you getting there? Are you #succeeding? It can sometimes feel as if we’re not succeeding, like we’re not climbing up up towards our goal, but tumbling down down - slipping on the dusty pebbles, the dry silt, the debris that slides down alongside and beneath us. Can we even keep our balance? Or will we end up on our arses? Surely this means we’re going the wrong way. Down is not up. Or is it? We think of mountain climbing as going up, but in order to get up, you have to go through some valleys first. You have to skid down the hills in order to get on to the Great Ascent. Even then, up doesn’t continually mean vertical - there are little down-sloping trails because sometimes that’s the best way to climb up. Yet we don’t remember the going down, the slippy little slopes, because all the time we have our eyes on the prize - the big mountain ahead of us. We are looking up - at the #peak. So that’s what we must remember in life, especially when we feel like we’re going down: keep your eyes on the goal, head pointed towards the peak, stay focused on where you are going and look up, always look up.

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